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Allianz improves customer service quality


In the framework of the customer service quality improvement program, Allianz Insurance Company delivered a training called Efficient team cooperation on cooperation improvement between the Sales department and the Loss adjustment department. It was attended by 54 employees form the company’s Kiev and regional offices.

The training was organized by a business trainer of Allianz Company in Ukraine. The program of the training included practical training and team work.


The training allowed the participants to define for Allianz the best variants of work with customers to increase their satisfaction level, shape a plan of actions on business-process optimization, as well as specify the role of leaders in the customer orientation increase project.

Pavel Litvin, acting Director General of Allianz Ins.Co., commented: “It is extremely important for our company not only to create an insurance product, but also to provide a customer with European customer service in case of insured accident occurrence. It is for this purpose, that the program of Allianz in the sphere of customer service quality exists. Such trainings are the part of this program helping the employees improve the skills of team work aimed at result”.