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Allianz offeres complex protection for car drivers


Allianz Insurance Company announced promotion for customers, who make a motor insurance agreement.

Each customer having insured a car under the motor hull program shall be able to additionally purchase the accident insurance policy for only UAH 10.00. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the promotion, the insured amount under the accident insurance agreement shall be UAH 10,000 for all persons sitting in the car.

Customers purchasing from the Company both motor hull and OMTPL insurance policy at a time shall also have a possibility to purchase the VMTPL (voluntary motor third party liability insurance) policy for UAH 10.00. In this case, standard insurance coverage under the OMTPL insurance policy shall increase by UAH 25,000 more.

The promotion shall last until December 31, 2007 inclusively.

Except attractive price, the offered programs have a number of advantages, such as a simplified loss adjustment system with the visit of an Average Adjuster to the place of the road traffic accident, repair of the insured car at the dealer’s service station. The owner of Allianz motor insurance policy also may free of charge use additional services as round-the-clock motor insurance dispatcher console, assistance by execution of all the required documents on the scene of the accident, free of charge evacuation of a damaged car to the nearest repair or storing place etc. within the territory of Ukraine.