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Director of Corporate Client Department of Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. was appointed Anton Kaminsky

In accordance with the company’s management order, Anton Kaminsky is appointed Corporate Clients Department Director. In the new position, Mr. Kaminsky shall be responsible for development of corporate sales of Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. This position used to be held by Karina Drozhina, who decided to develop her career outside the company.

Anton Kaminsky was born in 1980, in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). In 1997-2003, he was getting education at the economics faculty of the National UniversityOstrog Academy” in the city of Ostrog specialized in “Finance”.

Before employment at Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co., Anton Kaminsky had worked for PROVIDNA Ins.Co., where he came in 2004 to the position of specialist for work with banks and car dealers. In 2005, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Underwriting Department. In 2006 – 2009, he was Head of the Corporate Sales Department.