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Appeal process on Allianz Ukraine licenses in progress


Today, 29th of February 2016, the Expert Appeal Council of State Regulatory Authority (SRA) voted to postpone to the next session their review of Allianz Ukraine’s appeal of Natzkomfinposlug’s decision to withdraw Allianz’ licenses No 3530 dated 31.12.2015.

SRA is thus granting Allianz Ukraine’s new shareholders additional time to take all necessary actions required by Ukrainian law to finalize the registration. We are pleased to announce that the Anti-Monopoly Committee has already granted approval of the new shareholders. Therefore, the only action which is still pending for the registration of new shareholders is the respective approval by Natzcomfinposlug. According to Ukrainian law this action requires substantial  amount of documentation, including fully audited financial reports, which have only become available recently. Allianz Ukraine intends to submit the documents for approval shortly and hopes for quick consideration of the case by the Regulator.

The next session of the Appeal Council will take place at the end of March, and we hope that new shareholders will be duly registered by that time. According to the law “On licensing of economic activities” the decision of Natzkomfinposlug to withdraw Allianz Ukraine’s licenses will not come into force until SRA has reached a final decision and the conclusion of the appeal process. Therefore, all licenses of Allianz Ukraine remain valid without any interruption. Allianz will present proof of completion of the share transfer and of the registration of the new shareholders to the Council as soon as the respective approvals have been received. This would ultimately lead to a cancellation of Natzkomfinposlug’s decision.