ВАЖЛИВО! Робота ТДВ "Альянс Україна" пiд час карантину. Детальнiше

Allianz Ukraine paid out over UAH 800 thousand for the damaged autocrane

Allіanz Ukraine Insurance Company indemnified losses in the amount of UAH 841,353.72 for breakage of the autocrane.

Damage of the machine occurred in the course of loading, during which the autocrane fell down into a working trench. The loss event took place on a construction site in Kyiv.

The autocrane is insured by Allіanz Ukraine Ins.Co. under a property insurance agreement. Insurance coverage includes the following risks: fire, stroke of a lightning, explosion, fall down of aircrafts, windstorm and hail, earthquake, land subsidence, landslide, robbery and banditry, intended destruction or damage of the insured property, as well as hooliganism and accident.