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Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. insured the cargo of Sniezka-Ukraine LLC

Allianz Ukraine Insurance Company made a cargo insurance agreement with Sniezka-Ukraine LLC – one of the biggest Ukrainian manufacturers of paints, varnishes, and lacquers.

The agreement provides for protection of the cargo of Sniezka-Ukraine at the time of transportation by motor vehicles in different directions all over Ukraine.

“While transporting our products, we want to be sure that their quality remains at the highest level from the place of manufacture to the point of their sales. This is why we decided to insure our cargo at Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. We believe that we have chosen a reliable insurance partner, that not only provided insurance coverage to our products, but also had flexible approach to formation of the insurance coverage and offered optimal options to our company, - commented Yezhi Pechik, Director General of Sniezka-Ukraine.