Allianz 01. 08. 21.

Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. sums up the results of operation in the traveller’s insurance market in 2008

Allіanz Ukraine Ins.Co. summed up the results of its operation in the traveller’s insurance market for the previous year. In 2008, the company has insured over 170,000 tourists traveling abroad. Payout under 1,670 loss events have been settled and made.

Over the 12 reporting months, 3 travellers seriously injured as a result of an accident in Egypt have been evacuated. Evacuation provides for return of the person home with organization of a special flight procedure in the company of special medical teams.

Over the same period, Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. has performed 4 repatriations of remains of the tourists having died at the time of traveling. Total amount of medical and transportation costs paid by Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. under these 7 events was over USD 30 thousand.

“In 2008, the number of tourists from Ukraine wishing to travel abroad has considerably increased. For our company, the previous year was characterized by a greater number of serious loss events, whose settlement required high professional skills, coordination of operation of many services, and much effort. In partnership with TEZ TOUR Company we have managed to optimize the process of traveller’s insurance, which made it possible for all the process participants to reach the new level of work and became one more step in the direction of customer service quality improvement. Interchange of information between us, the tour operator, and the assistance company speeded up, paperwork reduced, which in its turn, allowed increase efficiency of provision of assistance in case of a loss event. In 2009, we shall continue to improve traveller’s insurance products and technologies in order to provide our customers with the highest quality and professional coverage at the time of their being on holidays”, - mentioned Zoia Sazonova, Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. Personal Insurance Sales Department Director.