Allianz 28. 09. 21.

Allianz Ukraine Ins.Co. became insurance partner of Ukrenergo LLC and TPC Avtogazinvest LLC

Allianz Ukraine Insurance Company made an insurance agreement for joint property of two partners: Ukrenergo LLC – one of the Ukrainian gas traders, and Avtogazinvest LLC – a compress natural gas (methane) offtaker. Total amount insured under this agreement was 13,894,800.00.

The insurance covers an NGV-refuelling compressor station, as well as its structural elements, and the equipment owned by Ukrenergo LLC and TPC Avtogazinvest LLC.

The insurance indemnity provides for coverage on the following risks: fire, stroke of lightning, explosion, fall down of aircrafts or their parts, fall down of luggage out of them; windstorm, hail, flood, earthquake, land subsidence, shift, landslide, snow avalanche, snow mass pressure; damage by water from water supply, heat supply, sewer and analogous systems; intended destruction or damage of the insured property by third parties, hooliganism, runover.