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Cargo insurance

Every cargo carriage is at risk of loss of property through damage or loss of cargo. Companies often risk not only money, but also reputation of a reliable business partner. Insurance is the most efficient tool of financial protection of the company and performance guarantee for your counteragents in any cases.

Allianz Ukraine offers insurance of both one-time and regular carriage. In addition to the cost of cargo, insurance coverage may extend to all documented expenses required for carriage (custom duty, charter costs, armed escort, obtainment of required permits etc.).

Based on your company's needs and budget, an insurance policy may be signed on terms as follows:

1. All risks - fullest coverage

2. Limited Liability

3. Minimal coverage

4. Minimal coverage + theft

If so required, additional risks may be included in your insurance coverage.

Take advantage of the benefits of purchasing insurance from Allianz:

  1. Financial strength and reliability are confirmed by the company's insurance reserves, reinsurance coverage, unique experience and professional skills of the staff.
  2. Obligatory cargo reinsurance agreements capacity signed with Allianz SE, one of the leaders of international reinsurance market, is UAH 120 mn for marine transportations and UAH 40 mn for other kinds of transportation.
  3. Allianz has the following financial ratings: Standard and Poor's rating of АА and Moody's rating of Аа3.
  4. Quick negotiation and conclusion of insurance agreements.
  5. Assistance in assessing risk level and choosing insurance plans to meet individual needs of every customer to the greatest possible extent.
  6. Flexible rate and discount system based on customer's type of business and other factors that are essential for measuring the degree of risk.

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